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Located inside Hayato London in Covent Garden, our services include facials, foot spa, foot massage, japanese shoulder massage and lastly makeup services for special events like weddings, birthdays, prom and events.

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In moments of great stress from working hard or just home life it is essential to find time for pampering and relaxation for yourself and you could choose it to in our beauty salon so please check our menu of services.

About Us

Our Services

Have a virtual look around our salon, and learn more about our team and our philosophy. You can also find out all about our beauty treatments, hair services, hair product and prices.

Our Treatments

Enjoy our exclusive in house beauty treatments in our vintage salon. Our make-up artist is happy to advise you in all matters concerning your personal beauty regime if your not confident with makeup and not sure on  how to apply it. 

Our Philosophy

Our exclusive beauty treatments will help you relax and rest both the mind and body in a tranquil atmosphere. Theses services are foot spa, foot massage and facials. In regards to makeup you will be leaving very confident and satisfied with the results.

Our Beauty Spa Service Menu 

FOOT SPA £50 (1 HOUR) 

We take you into a journey of relaxation through our foot spa services. We use a range of flower scents and put them in lukewarm water to soak your feet in while adding a polish powder for the feet. Our service then continues with a foot scrub exfoliate with a scraping away any dead skin. you will also recieve a fifteen minute foot massage on each foot finishing up with clipping of the toes nails and a clear polish. 


Our foot massage is unique. We go along the pressure points to help your feet from aches and pains that may affect different parts of your body. It is also been known to help your aliment and balance. This massage will help soothe any fatigue, leaving you feeling more refreshed than when you walked in. 


Our facial services welcomes you to a soothing experience. we have products that help you with elasticity, hydration, glowing and detoxification of the skin, leaving you with a feeling cleansed with good conditioned skin and a more radiant face.


Deluxe Service £45 includes weddings, special events, birthdays, and proms. 


Full Coverage Service £30 is for everyday makeup and evenings out. 

Makeup Artist

Name: Imogen Bambi Rose


Our makeup artist, Imogen, has worked for various brands for seven years in the beauty industry with high end makeup counters. 


"I like to bring out someones confidence and beauty through makeup as their is a lot of pressure to look a certain way each year. I as a makeup artist like the build makeup on the eyes, lips and brows to enhance and intensify ones beauty. The industry is always changing so why can we not do it with the faces we choose to display each day based on our mood through makeup."

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know me. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form under "Contact Us" tab to get in touch.

Information on Lashes 

As a company policy, we do not do removals of lashes. We use products from Harrods: 'Natrual Strip lashes, as they mimic your own lashes. In addition, we use synthetic fibers, giving a natural appearance while adding dramatic length and volume. The reason why we use products from harrods is because the counters we buy from are cruelty free premium mink and you will be able to use them up to twelve times.


Hayato London uses Huda Beauty Black Glue, which is a high-end product on the market since the glue stays longer for the client on the eyelid. Black has a dark tone, which enhances the lash line, creating a illusion of thicker and voluminous lashes. The Huda Beauty Glue is waterproof, therefore use oil-free makeup remover for removal. The lashes are hard to take off but clients love to use them since it give off a natural and believable look. Celebrities like J.Io, Kardashians, and Beyonce love to use them. 


For bookings, please message us on 'Contact Us' page. 

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